Matt grew up in Tioga North Dakota, is married to his wife Julia, and is a father to Thor (6), Phoebe (4), and Amelia (2), a graduate of Free Lutheran Bible College (biblical studies diploma), Crown College (BS & MA), and Lutheran Brethren Seminary (Mdiv). Matt loves to hear other people's stories and to help them discover how Jesus Christ is good news for them. He drinks a butt-ton of coffee, roasts his own (which one led to the other?), is a massive fan of the Seattle Mariners, and a lover of music. Additionally, Matt writes occasionally about what he's discovering as a cultural anthropologist and tattoo researcher in Seattle at his blog. If you want to get coffee or find out more about the church go ahead and shoot him an email.


  • Paul Fauquet: Youth & Young Adult Director, Worship Leader

    Paul Fauquet is the director of Youth, Young Adult, and Worship Ministries at Rock of Ages. He has served the church since 2014 and always loves to meet a new face. If you are interested in getting involved in any capacity as a musician, volunteer, or simply looking to plug in, he would love to talk to you. 


  • Pastor Roger Olson:  Japanese Ministry Pastor

    Pastor Roger served as a missionary to Japan for many years before returning to the PNW with his wife Sue. Together they minister to Japanese exchange students around the Seattle area as well as lead the Japanese congregation at Rock of Ages Church.

    Phone: 206.795.6818



We are located at

316 N. 70th St. Seattle, WA

There is street and lot parking available